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Mobile Repair & Maintenance


Due to the high demand for RV Repair and Maintenance I will not be doing any boat repairs at this time.

Hours & Pricing

Please call or text for current hourly rate.

*Your service is charged by hourly rate+ service call and all applicable state and county taxes.

*One hour minimum hourly rate on all service calls.

Labor and Parts are taxable in the State of NC

*Service fees apply to ALL service calls depending on the distance we have to travel to work on your job.

Monday through Saturday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Sunday Emergency Repairs available at emergency rates of $150 an hour. (No Exceptions)

*Service Call $80-$125... Please call for hourly service rates.

(Every job is priced depending on drive time and area served)

*No emergency service outside 60 minute drive time on Sundays.

Sunday service charge is $125.

If you are in need of warranty work please let us know ahead of time that your repair will be a warranty claim.

This involves more time, paperwork and investigation on my part!  I do not work with all warranty companies, in some cases you may need to pay for services and be reimbursed by your warranty or manufacturer directly.

Not all charges will be covered by warranty in some cases. 

Anything not covered by warranty will be the responsibility of the RV owner to pay!

Based out of Franklin NC

Service fees are VERY affordable compared to driving your

RV to a service center and leaving it for an unknown amount of time.


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