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Sometimes the air conditioner DOES need to be serviced! This is before and after the air conditioner was serviced on a 1997 camper. 

Cooling much better now.

 Give me a call if you need your air conditioner serviced.


Mobile Repair & Maintenance


Due to the high demand for RV Repair and Maintenance I will not be doing any boat repairs at this time.

Servicing most makes and models of RV's / Campers

Warranty work available for most models of RV components and appliances,

please call for more information. It is always a good idea to get pre-authorization from your warranty company. I cannot go through your warranty unless you have begun the process. Warranties do not cover your service call . You will be responsible for all costs not covered and pre-authorized through your warranty company. For small jobs sometimes your deductible cost will be be more than the fee to fix the problem and it may be easier to pay out of pocket rather than go through the warranty process. 

Just remember every warranty job is different and each company is different. This can be a difficult process if you do not have phone or internet service at your camp site. Please be prepared with all information including model and serial numbers. There are a few warranty companies I DO NOT work with so please let me know when you call or text if your job is under warranty.


Air Conditioners - Furnaces

Electrical - Appliances - Slides

Plumbing - Lighting - Plumbing

Certified Aqua-Hot Repair and Levelers/Stabilizers

I do not do engine repair, tire repair or trailer repair on RV's. 


We carry many parts and components in stock. It is not possible to

carry every part for every make, year

and model of RV ever built...

but we try to keep a lot of compatible parts on hand

including air conditioners, furnaces, valves and electrical parts...

Most parts can be ordered and arrive in 1-2 days

so we can get you back on the road  as soon as possible!

(Due to Covid-19 parts may be hard to find at this time)



Our Generator stopped working on a trip to NC from Florida. I had a Cummings dealer look at it en-route but the tech couldn't get it to work. When we got to NC, we called Randy who spent 1 hour and fixed the issue at our campground. I cant tell you how great it was to have it running again. I would highly recommend Randy and Owens RV + Marine repair to anyone who needs an honest mechanic to save their vacation!

Jason Daniel ~ Google Review



Randy visiting and doing a Tips and Tricks class for Great Outdoors RV Park! If your park is interested in this presentation just contact us for more information!

Interesting Projects!!!


Retrofit Hot Water Heater

1976 Airstream

42 Year Old Bowen/Atwood Water Heater

The old water heater fit like a glove, was not an easy removal.


Custom Fit

Building a new frame was necessary for a proper fit. Old hot water heater was about 4 inches larger than the new one. Notice how close the toilet is to the new water heater, some projects have very limited space!



Building the bypass for winterizing. Notice how close to the toilet the water heater is located.


Finished Project

Completed Water Heater Retrofit replacement.



Side trim had to be taken loose by drilling out the rivets because the old heater was actually installed below top of trim.


Custom Fit

Freshly installed Atwood DSI water heater and new rivets holding the trim.



First time firing up the new spark model, no more pilot light to deal with.


Tire Blowout Reeks Havoc!

I was working at a campground in Cherokee, NC when I received a call about a wiring issue after a tire blew out on the highway.

The wiring and cables were severed as well as a propane line.

Prior to my arrival the customer capped the gas line for safety!

A Bad Day

Great Camper although the severed wires don't look so good hanging under the slideout!


Back on the road.

Completed repair and verified everything was working properly. Happy Campers!


Assessing the damage

Severed wires and cables upon my arrival.

On far left is propane line, this accident could have been far worse if the propane had ignited.

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